About Me

My name is Beau Buck. I'm an experienced and successful bootstrap entrepreneur who has built companies from the ground up in investment banking, Internet, mobile, gaming, life science, retail, and speciality foods. I practice the art of trusted liaison and built a robust executive search practice in SF and LA. I have a degree in art history and am interested in arts, science, and ideas. I shoot with a camera that uses film and I drive a car that has a carburetor. I know business, I know starting businesses, and I can recognize entrepreneurial DNA when I see it. I am honest and have distinct opinions, but can still be persuaded of some things. I've served and continue to serve as an active mentor for entities as diverse as film institutes, bio-tech clusters, business schools, and food companies. I am an accredited investor and have been in all kinds of deals ranging from IPO to RTO to secondary market to venture capital. I have seen the booms and the busts and was among the first who bought Amazon as it hit 194/share for the first time, certain it would continue to go up, only to sell it for single dollars some months later. Why do I reveal this failure? Because I have ridden the inevitable economic waves: they happen, and cycles will happen again. My failures makes me a better business person who knows the long game. Here's my LinkedIn Profile.

Basically, when it comes to ramping up a business, I know quite a bit, all proven with experience.

There's been plenty I don't know, so for those situations I learned how to find the people I need to help me. I do that for others, too.

My Work

If you're here chances are you think I might be able to help you. Maybe I can. Maybe I can't. Read a bit about what I do now and act accordingly.

First, all my biotech development work is done via IPRX.bio. There I work with small and very talented team of scientists and innovation enablers. We start and grow companies. If your inquiry has to do with biotech or life science, it's going to be IPRX work and you can contact me here or there.

If your inquiry has to do with investing, I'm really selective but if you think you have a truly special value proposition, where someone with my experience can make a real difference, then you can pitch me via Driftwood Investments LLC. I have pretty much seen it all, so don't get your hopes up.

If your inquiry has to do with non-biotech corporate development, strategic development, trusted liaison services, board recruiting and matters where you need someone to artfully and discretely bring your company to the table with others, then write me here using the form below.

Finally, if you're looking for me to place you into a job, I don't really do that work anymore except to the extent that I might be looking for a board member or very high level person in relation to starting a company. Sending me unsolicited resumes isn't going to be productive but reach out to me if you are entrepreneurial with heavyweight skills and an appetite for risk.

Contact Me

  • (310) 985 0705
  • gr.fromage(at)gmail.com


Thanks for contacting me!